Frequently Asked Questions


Is a deposit required?

Yes, a $150 non-refundable deposit (+$4 service fee) is collected during booking.  If booking more than one package a separate non-refundable deposit of $100 (+$3 service fee) is due.  For example:  If you book a Pony Ride Package and a Small Animal Petting Zoo, the deposit is $250, plus a $7 processing fee.

What if it is supposed to rain on the day of my event?

Depending on the size of zoo you choose, we can set up in your house, garage or covered patio.  If it is not windy, we can set up a four sided canopy with a door for $25.  Or we can set up in our trailer and have everyone come inside to visit with the animals.  Downsizing the number of animals can be an option.  If there isn't any indoor/covered space or a nearby place to park the trailer for everyone to come inside then we need 24 hours notice to cancel and you can reschedule for another day within 6 months of the original event date.

Can I have only goats in my petting zoo?

Yes, you can customize a petting zoo package with your choice of animal(s). 

What kind of animals do you have?

We have horses, ponies, miniature horses, a miniature donkey, sheep, goats, alpacas, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, guinea hens, ducks, rats, and a miniature pig.  Depending on the time of year we also have ducklings and chicks.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept Cash & Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express). There is a 3% additional charge for payments made with a credit card.

How are your animals treated?

Spoiled is one way to put it!  All of our animals roam free in our pastures daily and at night are sheltered.  They are supplemented with quality hay, given fresh water daily and receive routine Veterinarian care.  



Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured.  If you would like to be added as a additional insured there is a one time fee of $60 per year.

How much space does the petting zoo need to setup? I have a small yard.

For the Small Animal Petting Zoo we prefer roughly a 8X8 foot area and for the Large Animal a 13x13 foot area.  If you have a smaller area available or want to have us setup in your house or garage we can downsize and customize your zoo to make it fit.  We can also set up in our trailer and have everyone come in and visit with the animals.

Do you need shade?

We would love to set up in the shade if it is above 73 degrees.  But, if there isn't any we can bring a tent with us.  There is $10-25 fee for setting up a tent, depending on the size of the petting zoo.

What kind of ground can you setup on?

We can set up indoors on carpet, tiles, etc. or outdoors on cement, grass, or dirt and need a fairly level area.  Please, let us know if the ground has ever been treated with pesticides and or any chemicals.  If we setup on a hard surface, there will be a charge of $10-20 (depending on size of zoo) for adding additional bedding to make the animals safe and comfortable.  We clean sweep/vacuum up before we leave.  

Who cleans up after the petting zoo?

We clean up!  We lay down a tarp and use bedding to make the animals comfortable.  When we are done we roll up the tarp and take the bedding with us.  

Do you provide a hand washing station?

We supply hand sanitizer for use when entering and exiting our petting zoo.


Can you setup a petting zoo or do pony rides at a park?

Every County and City have their own rules whether or not they allow petting zoo's or pony rides to be conducted on their property.  You need to call and find out if it is allowed at the park you would like us to set up at.  Some parks require a reservation (often free) and they want to be added as additional insured on Hawks Ranch Petting Zoo, LLC's insurance.  The fee for their name to be added to our insurance is $60.00.  Below is a list of parks that we know allow petting zoo's and pony rides.  If you do not see the park on the list below, please call the park that you want to have your party/event at and find out if they are allowed.



SUNRISE LOOMIS NEIGHBORHOOD PARK- 5885 Arcadia Avenue, Loomis- # (916)652-1840

BLUE ANCHOR PARK- 5775 Horseshoe Bar Road, Loomis- # (916)652-1840


REGIONAL PARK- 3770 Richardson Drive, Auburn- # (530) 885-8461

RECREATION PARK 123 Recreation Drive, Auburn- # (530) 885-8461


MEADOW VISTA PARK- 1101 Meadow Vista Road, Meadow Vista- # (530) 885-8461


Can you setup indoors? On Carpet?

Yes, we can setup indoors, even on carpeting.  Depending on the petting zoo package, we lay down a waterproof tarp to protect the floor.  And when we are done, we roll up the tarp and vacuum up any loose shavings.

Are there any mileage and travel fees?

Mileage Fee

The first 15 miles from our ranch to your location is included, additional miles are $1 per mile round trip.  We use Maps by Apple to figure out mileage. 

Travel Fee

The first twenty minutes of drive time to and from your location is included.  Travel fee is $5.00 for each additional ten minutes.  For example: Round trip drive time of three hours is $70.00 & thirty minutes would be $5.00.

Is there a minimum if traveling more than an hour to our event?

Yes, there is a minimum package total of $375.00 if we have to travel one hour or more to get to your event.  The $375 minimum does not include travel, mileage, or additional animal handler fees.

Can you bring straw bales for us to use as decorations?

Yes, we can.  They are $15 a bale and we can leave them behind or we can take them away with us.