Petting Zoo Rules


1.  Wash your hands.  Use the hand sanitizer that we provide when entering and exiting.  Keep your hands and fingers away from your face.

2.  You must wait for a petting zoo attendant to open the gate when you are entering or exiting.

3.  No eating or drinking.  Shoes must be worn inside the petting zoo.

4.  Parents must supervise their children at all times when in the petting zoo area.  Children under 10 must be accompanied inside the zoo by an adult.

5.  No picking up, hitting, kicking, pinching, pulling, chasing, or any other forms of harassment of the animals is permitted.  We reserve the right to ask a visitor(s) to leave the petting zoo.

6.  No playing with the animals water or food, this includes putting anything in them.

7.  No feeding the animals.  Keep fingers and hands away from the animals mouths.

8.  Most importantly, have fun!!!!