Kiss-A-Pig Fundraiser


Entertaining and Profitable

Use our Mini Juliana Pig "Jemma" in your Kiss-A-Pig Fundraiser or event.  This is a great way to raise money and add some entertainment/originality to your fundraiser.  And it will surely make everyone laugh! 

Ideas for a Kiss-A-Pig Fundraiser

Ideas for raising money with a Kiss-A-Pig Fundraiser include:  

-Selling a product and reaching the total sales goal.  For example:  candy bars 

-Meeting the goal of reading a certain number of books as a school or class.

-Having a good attendance record.

-Sell tickets to kiss a pig, ticket buyers get to give piggy a kiss.

Who will kiss the pig?

Choose who gets to kiss the pig.  This should be someone who the audience would like to embarrass (For example:  Principal, Teacher, President, Manager or CEO).  You could sell tickets for participants/students to buy in order for them to vote for who they want to kiss a pig.  By doing this you will raise even more money.  

How it works

Mini pig and handler arrive 10-15 minutes before assembly.  Mini Pig will be hand walked with a leash up to the stage.  A short introduction will be made and then the lucky guest of honor who has been chosen to kiss the pig, gets to kiss the pig!  And for the remaining time everyone can come up and meet our mini pig.


One mini pig, one handler, for one hour.